Partnership Desk

If you are looking for a partner, first check the list below to see who might be available and if there is someone suitable, contact them directly.  If you decide to play together, please let Tom or Julie know so that we can remove the name from the list.  If no one suitable is available, call or text Julie @ (301) 512-5679 or Tom @ (856)-986-6545 or e-mail us at  Please provide your approximate number of master points and preferred bidding system(s), if any, leaving a message if necessary.

Please contact Julie or Tom at the number/e-mail address(es) above so you can be matched with a partner.

Players Needing a Partner for Games week beginning March 19

We have one 2/1 player who is looking for a steady partner to develop her 2/1 skills.  She has about 350 master points and particularly would like to practice in preparation for an upcoming regional.  If interested, call Tom at 856-986-6545.

Kathy Blake has been matched with Kathy Thomas.

Day Name Contact Info MPs System
Monday Robin Cochran



<50 SAYC
 Thursday  Jan Hey  704-246-7830  348  2/1