Our Pros

Our Thursday game offers a play-with-a pro raffle where the raffle winner receives a free play with a local bridge professional at a club game (preferably ours).    The conditions of contest are as follows:

  • Players receive one raffle ticket per entry on Thursday Evening.   Players can purchase additional raffle tickets for $1 each.
  • Players must write their name clearly on the back of the ticket and drop into raffle box for eligibility.  If the name is not legible, the ticket will not qualify.
  • Players not listed in the CBA club directory must write a phone number or email address on the ticket.
  • One (1) winner will be drawn about every month.
  • Winners are responsible for contacting and coordinating a date/time for their game with a pro after an introductory email from Tom/Julie. We will provide contact information.  If it is convenient for the pro to play at our Thursday night game, please schedule your session for our game.
  • Raffle winners will be responsible for the pro’s entry fee. Pros play for free.
  • If no game is scheduled within ninety (90) days of the raffle, the winning ticket expires and the winner forfeits the opportunity to play with the pro.

Below is a biographical sketch of each of our pros to date (arranged alphabetically).

Len Case 01
Len Case

Anyone who plays at the club is likely to already know Len. Len is a Platinum Life Master having won over 12,000 Master Points who enjoys playing with clients at the club, sectional and regional level in the South East area. Len has won numerous Regional and Sectional events and has represented District 7 at the Nationals three times, once as District 7 NAP Unlimited Champion and twice as District 7 GNT Flight A Champion. The epitome of a southern gentleman, Len can also be found indefatigably lugging around massive quantities of bridge tournament equipment for his appreciative wife, ACBL director (ret.) Janet Case.

John Kranyak

John is a three-time junior champion. He won the National mixed pairs 2003, the National Swiss in 2014, and earned a bronze medal as a member of the United States national team in both 2013 and 2015 in the Bermuda Bowl.  John has over 18,000 master points and is a pleasure to play with!